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Queen & Collins
  • Client
    GPT Funds Management Limited and GPT Funds Management 2 Pty Limited
  • Location
    100 Queen St, Melbourne
  • Completion
    July 1, 2018 — April 17, 2021
  • Services
    Architecture, Interiors
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Architecture, Interiors

Queen & Collins

The Melbourne Office Everyone Wants To Work In.

At the Paris end of Collins St, three neo-gothic buildings have been transformed into an ultra modern workplace. It's a far cry from pre-pandemic office life. It's a "work precinct" with a concierge, premium spaces and striking design.

A unique and eclectic design, with Venetian-inspired courtyards and flamboyant neo-gothic flourishes, transforms the precinct into a city within a city, challenging conventional workplace expectations and delivering quirky retail, dining and public areas.

Queen & Collins is a radical adaptation of three neo-gothic inspired buildings co-located on a high-profile corner block of Melbourne’s CBD. It represents an ambitious and dynamic design, shaping and creating public spaces that engage the people who inhabit them. Forging an identity for the local area and re-establishing connections with the local community, it is a lively precinct that has become a vibrant working neighbourhood. By encouraging curiosity, activity and engagement we have made Queen & Collins a truly holistic solution, drawing in both business and individuals.

The vision to create an open community, required opening the site to the city, and providing a variety of amenity within. Integrating the three heritage buildings with four new retail blocks, forms a ‘city within a city,’ where each building has its own identity through subtle variations in articulation and material.

A bespoke collection of spaces known as ‘The Mezzanine’ comprising more than 1,000m² of bookable facilities for meetings and special events, has been created to service building customers, as well as the business community. Extensive communal areas, designed to provide versatile, hybrid spaces, blend into semi-public areas, acting as the new ‘heart’ of the precinct.

The site adopts a ‘whole precinct approach’, providing a range of amenity across the site, all completely hosted and available on a bookable basis. To achieve this, we introduced Level 1 and Level 2, making the ‘working’ tower permeable to the ground floor and retail spaces. There is a mini concierge on the ground floor but as the ground plane did not offer a traditional lobby for the tower, therefor we developed Level 1 & 2 to provide this. Level 1 offers a sticky point in the building as there isn’t a moment to pause in the campieollo. A second more substantial concierge is situated on Level 1.

When GPT and BVN approached Elmo with a pre-packaged model of a Clubhouse design, one that supports work in a hybrid world, Elmo was open to exploring. The Clubhouse, located on levels 20 & 21, is a plug & play template addressing a post-covid working strategy. It offered an intelligent workplace at a fixed cost, imbedded with knowledge of new modes of working that support hybrid work practices.

The interiors add richness to the existing heritage elements. The new finishes needed to hold their own against the strong aesthetic of the gothic architecture but still take their cues from the original building. The new palette and materiality required a level of depth and interest that matched the existing building whilst retaining its own character.

Much has changed how organisations work since the buildings were constructed; for the buildings to be noticed in the search for space they needed to offer a completely new model of workplace amenity. Queen & Collins was designed to be more than a place of work, but rather a ‘hosted’ working model within a work precinct.


Sally Campbell, Belinda McGrath, James Grose, Kevin Murphy, Glenn Bliesner, Alan Monckton-Milnes, Marc Hine, Steve Foro, Renae Tapley, John Walsh, George Broome, Andrew Jones, Jennifer Carey, Jin Ko, Dalia Fayoumi, Laura McCosker, Elynda Naru, Abbie Lewis, Laurie Aznavoorian, Anna Sulsters, Katrina Robinson, Mitch Page, Kate Field, Mimi Weiss, Ninotschka Titchkosky, Matthew Wash, Elena Igeska, Craig Burns, Rob Vider, Delia Ngay, Marc Sullivan, Joanna Newton, Jarrod Williams, Benita i Chen, Belinda McGrath, Paul Jenkins, Monica Colla, Thomas Chen, Portsea Turton

BVN in association with Kerstin Thompson Architects


BVN in association with Kerstin Thompson Architects


Queen & Collins Mezzanine - Sharyn Cairns

ELMO Clubhouse - Tom Blachford

Level 17 Clubhouse - Tom Ross

Queen & Collins
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