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If you’re interested in exploring our work we recommend using our intelligent filtering; but if you have something more specific in mind, please go ahead and search above...Use Work Filter
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BVN Real, where creative design ideas become three-dimensional realities.

Our award-winning realtime studio creates experiential virtual worlds that communicate not only how spaces will look, but feel.

BVN Real - Showreel

Virtual reality experiences turn designed spaces into emotional places. They add more than just a third dimension. They add impact, sensation and adrenalin. They're an intuitive way to communicate and understand unbuilt space. By completely immersing yourself you can actually feel what it will be like to be there.

It's powerful.

Our VR experiences allow designers and clients to collaborate on prototypes, and to user-test ideas early in the process. Together all project partners can become an integral part of a more transparent design process. To co-create.

Powerhouse Parramatta Competition, Presentation Space 1

Our studio is looking at how VR can complement classroom learning for students at every stage of life.

We create enquiry-based learning environments that provide real-time feedback to encourage experimentation and challenge students.

These are consequence-free learning experiences with interactive simulations of reality. They can provide training solutions for tasks that are too dangerous, expensive, time-consuming, disruptive, or just impossible to replicate in the real world.

Brisbane South State Secondary College
Powerhouse Parramatta Competition, River Frontage

VR experiences allow us to engage audiences in powerful ways. We can take them on a journey into unbuilt spaces that showcase the true vision of a project. We combine storytelling, interactivity, and visually rich environments, to create lasting memories beyond the virtual world.

There's no need to ask a client to imagine the future when we can take them there. To show them.

Queen & Collins

Traditional architectural visualisation content is inflexible, slow to produce, expensive, and does not respond to the fast-paced nature of sales and leasing. Creating a VR experience results in a real-time 3D model, that allows us to output content such as flythrough animations and high-quality still images, quickly and cost-effectively, ensuring that you get the collateral that you need, when you need it.

Virtual Leasing

Our virtual sales and virtual leasing suites have had a substantial impact on our clients' abilities to sell property and lease commercial space.

Our team is inspired and evolving, with big ideas that continue to make the virtual experience deeper and richer. Six years in, the studio is a living lab of research, development, user-testing and iteration.

Powerhouse Parramatta Competition, Fire Pit
Griffith University N82


Buyer Confidence

What you see is what you get.


Continued leasing during COVID lockdowns

Increased Engagement

Buyers and tenants are engaged in sales and leasing presentations for 30-60% longer

Decision Speed

Buyers and tenants are able to make a decision much faster as they are able to grasp exactly what they are getting


Our realtime projects have been internationally recognized for their exceptional quality and our unique approach to creating emotional experiences in special spaces.

Project Octopus (winner), The Penthouse (nominee), The Library (nominee)

"For our first-ever AEC Awards, we were stunned by the quality and quantity of submissions. With over 170 entries, there was a lot of competition, but BVN REAL’s project combined animation, effects, high-quality visuals and a collaborative experience into a unique combination that stood out."

Ken Pimentel, Strategic Business Development for AEC, Epic Games

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BVN Real
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