Tree Kangaroo and Pademelon Exhibit, Taronga Zoo

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Taronga Zoo
Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW


Attracting visitors and maximising visitor engagement through a highly visible exhibit that provides a naturalistic home for the animals

The Tree Kangaroo and Pademelon exhibit at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo is located adjacent to the Inner Plaza, a newly created public space within the zoo walls, also designed by BVN. The exhibit is highly visible to all visitors on entry and acts as an enticement to those still considering whether or not to venture in. The site can be viewed from many angles: above, below and transversely.

The project has two elements: the kangaroo shelters, which are folded steel cabins on rotating poles and the keepers shed, a triangulated trellis above a small keepers building for animal holding and food preparation. Both the trellis and the shelters take their form from simple origami folding patterns.

The shelters are intended to provide a comfortable spot for the kangaroos to eat and drink that doubles as a display point. Ropes looped between the shelters and existing trees provide a loose and easily adaptable climbing frame. The climbing structures comprise of a combination of existing trees, ring-barked Ironbark trees; and linking pathways constructed from Ironbark branches supported on steel props and boulders. A part of the linking pathway is removable to allow for the creation of two distinct paddocks.

The tree kangaroo exhibit is intended as a playful interplay between the three dimensional visibility of the site, and the issues of the representation of nature so often encountered in zoo architecture.


Bradleys Head Road, Mosman NSW


WAF Display Commendation

Brief Elements

  • Exhibit catchup / GTK holding yard area
  • Exhibit paddock area
  • On or off exhibit 'red-legged pademelon' holding yard area