The King’s School Gymnasium

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The King's School
87-129 Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta NSW
May 1, 2007

6000 m2 GFA

4000 m2 Internal


The King’s School Gymnasium was the result of an architectural competition

The new Gymnasium is placed in a strategic position adjacent to the School’s academic centre and overlooking the oval. It develops the architectural language that has been used in the School buildings since BVN began working there nine years ago, a language of steel columns surrounded by terracotta together with a canonic and repeated pitched roof of 30 degrees. The base and steps of the buildings are in Gosford sandstone with walls in ochre or grey plaster. The extensive steel detailing and framing is in grey.

The gymnasium hall has two basketball courts, one has tiered seating for major competition events. Entry to the building is on the upper level galleries overlooking the courts. There are four classrooms and entertaining areas at the upper level and at the court level there are changing rooms and a major weights and circuit training area, including rowing machines.

The King’s School – Australia’s oldest school – has had a long tradition of sporting excellence. However, although they have had excellent playing fields, this new facility gives them excellent new indoor courts and weights areas which will promote a wider range of sports and provide better fitness for their various sporting teams.

The building has two expressed parts. The base of the building comprising the basketball courts and ancillary areas excavated into the site and enclosed by concrete, grey FC cladding and sandstone faced walling. The second part is the roof structure of low pitched repetitive steel framed grey corrugated steel spanning full width of the internal areas and extending beyond the enclosing perimeter walling. There is always internally a strong sense of the outside introduced from the natural daylight through the open roof pitch ends and the natural light borrowed through the repetitive roof skylights.

The building was engineered to be naturally lighted and ventilated with no reliance on air conditioning for the basketball court areas. Operable roof ventilation is provided in operable roof ventilation in the skylights and surrounding fully louvred walls.

Internal cladding is of impact resistant FC sheet rather than masonry and materials selected to provide acoustic attenuation. The building is designed as a multi-purpose facility and materials selected for lifetime performance in a robust environment.


MBA NSW School Sporting Facilities Award
Master Builders Association - Educational Buildings - Private Schools $5M - $10M (NSW)

Brief Elements

  • Changing rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Event spaces
  • Gymnasium and basketball courts
  • Tiered seating
  • Weights and circuit training