“In the modern era of workplaces, flexibility is ensured through a unique turnkey solution enabled by a modular design”
Chris Hynes, Dexus Head of Office and Industrial Leasing


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Dexus Property Group
44 Market Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000
July 2018
Pilot concept and fitout

1300 m2


Motivated by the rapid pace at which work and workplaces are changing, Suite X addresses the new technological and spatial requirements in the ways companies and teams work.

The Suite X model is designed for ultimate flexibility, reuse, and speed to market.

A modular wall system was developed that enables tenants to rapidly change entire floorplans – intertenancy walls can be removed overnight to increase the size of the suite if required, and additional offices and meeting rooms can be easily inserted into an existing suite over a weekend. Wall panels can be effortlessly interchanged to support the occupiers preferred way of working – options for cork, whiteboard, and acoustic fabric panels are all available. Services are pre-designed to accommodate a variety of layouts, meaning they will seldom need to be adjusted when suite configurations change.

Suite X offers a departure from sole ownership toward shared, community based models that have a lower impact on natural resources and offer companies elasticity to shrink or grow to respond to market conditions.

Each suite has the ability to personalise its own shopfront, enabling businesses to establish their own identity. The high quality of design and amenity provided also creates an atmosphere that companies see as a positive reflection of their own brand.

Research indicates individuals want security, belonging and purpose in their work and Suite X offers a foundation to build that within organisations, as well as connect individuals to the broader community they are a part of. Shared amenities including a common area/breakout space with kitchen and café facilities and meeting/quiet room facilities are dotted along corridors.

Suite X is about continual curation – it is designed to enable maximum flexibility to for evolving suite users with minimum disruption to their business. The flexibility of lease terms appeals to a broad range – from start-ups through to established businesses and companies looking for project space. It recognises a need for quality workspace which doesn’t need to come with a long-term commitment.


44 Market Street, Sydney, New South Wales, 2000

Brief Elements

  • Creation of a standardised, flexible workspace product that can be implemented across several floors and buildings
  • Increase the reuse value of a fitout
  • Reduction to the cost of fitout and tenant/space downtime
  • Improve speed to market and pain points for customers