Stockland Head Office

Sydney, NSW

Completed 2007

Jury Comments
AIA NSW Milo Dunphy Award

One of the great challenges for a sustainable future is to find solutions for the sustainable use of existing building stock and accordingly the existing infrastructure. Stockland Head Office addresses this challenge through the innovative refurbishment of eight floors of existing building to provide a lively workspace environment that supports human wellness and activity while reducing the office’s environmental footprint. Key to this outcome is the eight-storey atrium that: provides connectivity to all levels in a dynamic play of projecting floor planes; maximises daylight penetration; and improves access to internal and external views. Open plan office areas and support meeting rooms radiating away from the atrium and central core further support these strategies.

Wellness too is key, with the selection of low VoC emissivity products not only for finishes and sealants, but also for office furniture. Quality of the indoor environment is enhanced by the efficient provision of increased fresh air throughout the tenancy spaces. These initiatives are supported by strategies for minimised energy demand both in systems and fit out. While innovation is pivotal to advance sustainable outcomes it is also crucial that design intent be measured against deliverables, as is in process with this project. Such due diligence is key to the advancement of environmentally sustainable solutions in the future.

(2008) Architecture Bulletin July/August 2008 Awards Edition p.38


The strategic design drivers for the work environment for the Stockland head office were unity, transparency, functionality, innovation and community.

A vertical street underpins the new workplace. This street is in the form of a void (8.5m x 5.5m) that winds its way up the building’s eastern side. The void contains stairs that spiral through the 8 floors from level 22 to 29, staggered in its vertical location to maximise the views between floors and provide a greater sense of connection. The void and stair not only provides a greater sense of physical connection, but becomes the symbolic connection of ‘one Stockland’.

Clustered around the void’s edge are a variety of communal spaces such as meeting rooms, project rooms, collaboration spaces, and small café/tea benches.

Destinations are provided that create a number of pivot points around which the work environment flows. These destinations are the main entry, or client floor, on level 25, a café/meeting area on level 27, and two meeting room hubs on level 24 and 28 which contain the large meeting and project rooms of the new workplace. The destinations will provide a dynamic edge to the void and have been created to encourage movement and collaboration through the business, both within and between the different divisions.

Future flexibility has been considered in terms of ‘moving people, not moving the walls’.

Lack of ‘ownership’ of common facilities enables a greater degree of flexibility in the future, allowing the people to move as the business grows and changes, whilst still having access to all the meeting and project spaces.

A generic floor plan has been established for the general workspace on all the floors. A modular workpoint solution is being used for individual workspace which has the ability to adapt simply to a number of different work needs. A standard desk size is used for all, with a kit-of-parts approach to customise as required.

The workplace is working towards achieving a number of environmental initiatives, such as a 6 star Green Star rating. It is intended that the general image and quality of the workspace will reflect those environmental initiatives not just in points, but in the way the space feels.


2008 RAIA NSW Milo Dunphy Award for Sustainable Architecture
2008 Environ BPN Sustainability Award
2008 Idea08 Best Commercial Interior
2008 Idea08 Best Sustainability Interior
2008 Property Council of Australia Office Developments Finalist
2008 Property Council of Australia Sustainable Developments Finalist
2008 RAIA NSW Interior Architecture Commendation
2008 Winner, BOSS Space Awards
2008 Wirtschaftswoche Best Office 2008 International Category
2007 MBA NSW Interior Fit-outs $25m+

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