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GPT Management Holdings Ltd
Level 12, Melbourne Central Tower, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Full Interior Design Services

1570 m²


BVN has worked alongside GPT Group from the inception of Space & Co. in 2014. co-creating the first site. This most recent collaboration involved an additional Space & Co. floor on Level 12, Melbourne Central Tower, the same building the very first Space & Co. site still occupies on Levels 9 &10. The project is part of an ongoing partnership exploring the evolution of co-working and flexible leasing typologies.

As a property company the GPT Group’s future sustainability relies on their ability to not only forecast changes in real estate markets, but also to develop services that respond to them. Space & Co. is their answer to the increased demand for greater flexibility in both workplaces and property leases. The Space & Co. co-working environment offers users a variety of workspace solutions to support their business needs while catering to individual’s personal preferences. Spaces are available to lease on both long and short term options, and range from a 60 person suite to a singular desk.

A series of amenities including meeting rooms suitable for lectures or events are also on offer, all available for lease through the online platform Liquidspace. It is through the combination of amenity and variety of personal workspaces that Space & Co satisfy the needs of a new workforce participating in the gig economy. Importantly, the communal nature of the space provides a critical sense of belonging to a shared community that is particularly important to this breed of worker.

Community is a key driver in the design and begins with a raised recycled timber floor defining the shared area. The entry of the space is bookended by a concierge point and a feature glass meeting room. Informal meeting settings positioned at the perimeter maximise natural light and a fully equipped central kitchen allows guests and members to feel at home while offering yet another venue to interact and connect. The bookable rooms spill out into the communal space, both borrowing and contributing to the energy and dynamism that is the heart of Space & Co.

A range of fully enclosed, semi-enclosed, and open areas are available for lease, supporting organisations in a growth curve. A local artist was engaged to paint a mural on the core walls, strengthening the notion of place.

As with each new site, this project presented an opportunity to further explore the business model and test how the environment might evolve to support changing demands of users. Data collected from past sites provided valuable information about space users and their demands. The design consisted of 70% tried and tested concepts, and 30% trial of new ideas for the evolution of the service.

The benchmark for the success of the environment corresponds directly to the bottom line – this is commercial office space as a product. If suites do not meet tenant’s needs they do not lease. Occupancy and retention statistics are a litmus test for the design.


Level 12, Melbourne Central Tower, 360 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, Victoria 3000


Melbourne Design Awards Silver Winner - Interior Design - Co-Working & Studio Space

Brief Elements

  • Building and constantly developing the model of accommodation based on our international experience
  • Highly flexible kit of parts that facilities flex and reduction in the start-up business culture
  • Market leader in adapting the co-working model to Australia


  • Distinctive look and feel to differentiate from typical corporate environments
  • Strong focus on the sense of community and collaboration within the space
  • Diversity within a kit of parts approach
  • Modular approach to planning and furniture pieces