Providing a unified cultural solution that reflects the changing nature of the business and its growth in the Queensland market

Santos Brisbane

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Bovis Lend Lease
QLD, Australia
December 2008 - September 2009
Full Interior Design including stair and Green Star

8,800m² NLA


Santos is a major Australian oil and gas exploration and production company with operations in every major Australian petroleum province across the world. Santos Workplace Brisbane, is a fresh, considered, refined workplace that provides a balance of private and flexible open space to support the varied and highly complex projects that Santos undertakes.

The most significant interventions to the base building are the inclusion of an interconnecting stair and voids. The stairs facilitate the physical and visual connection throughout the entire work place to maximise the interaction across teams and individuals. This is a key driver for Santos, where collaboration both internally and with key joint venture partners is desirable.

Support spaces such as meeting room and utility spaces are located at the back of the floor plate on either side of the lift core to allow the open plan work zones to access natural daylight and to share the River and mountain views. Furniture is modular and adjustable to allow users to modify their working space to suit their particular project requirements.

Green Star principles were paramount to this project and to a major extent drove the budget. In addition to the functional requirements, the design addresses Santos’s requirements of bringing together the different groups within Brisbane and providing a unified cultural solution that reflects the new Santos and its increased presence in the Brisbane and Queensland market.



QLD, Australia

Brief Elements

  • Workplace


  • Provides balance of private and flexible open space to support varied business projects
  • Inclusion of voids and an interconnecting stair to facilitate interaction and collaboration
  • Support spaces located at the back of the floor plate on either side of the lift core to allow access to natural light and views for the open plan work zones


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