"Patients and family visitors have a special experience in this new environment"
Robina Hospital Palliative Care, staff member

Robina Hospital Expansion

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Baulderstone Pty Ltd
Gold Coast Hospital Robina Campus, Bayberry Lane, Robina, Queensland, Australia
March 2009 - December 2011
Full Architectural Services

30,000m² NLA


Regional hospital that challenges preconceptions of how a hospital should look and feel and what a hospital experience should be like.

The Robina Hospital expansion transforms a small local hospital into a major regional health facility by improving existing departments and providing new facilities on campus.

The principal components of the scheme include the new main entry and public area, two-storey eastern wing housing an outpatients department at ground floor with operating theatre suites above, and a four-storey ward building providing a teaching and training facility at ground level, and an additional 162 beds for a total of 364 hospital beds.

The building provides a landmark for those driving to the town centre from the freeway. The external form and colour of the building assists in understanding the hospital plan. Landscaped courtyards with vibrant colour schemes provide a pleasant visual distraction for patients as well as a physical connection to the existing hospital which had to remain fully operational throughout construction.

Within the hospital, natural light and views to nature give the spaces a non-institutional feel while courtyards and rooftop gardens offer patients and visitors pleasant places to rest and recover.

Transparency and openness is central to the design, with even the most hidden spaces, such as the sterilising department and operating theatres, afforded views to the outside world. The design recognises that a contemporary hospital is not only a place of wellness and support for the patient but also a modern workplace for highly skilled and valuable staff.



Gold Coast Hospital Robina Campus, Bayberry Lane, Robina, Queensland, Australia


AbaF Arts and Health Foundation Award
Healthcare Project of the Year Interiors and Design Awards 2011
International Health Design Award Interior Design High Commendation
RAIA QLD Public Architecture Award
International Health Design Award Sustainable Design High Commendation
RAIA Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Building of the Year
RAIA Gold Coast and Northern Rivers Regional Commendation
RAIA QLD Public Architecture Award
World Architecture News Interior Design: Healthcare Award

Brief Elements

  • 364 bed teaching hospital (additional 162 beds)
  • Pathology
  • Expanded Medical Imaging including MRI and CT
  • Pharmacy including MRI and CT
  • BOH including new engineering workshops, waste and linen handling facilities
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Paediatric Short Stay Unit
  • Day of Discharge
  • Outpatients
  • Main Entrance and Café
  • FOH Offices
  • Staff Cafeteria
  • Kitchen
  • Medical Assessment and Planning Unit (MAPU)
  • Medical and Orthopaedic wards
  • Geriatric Support Unit
  • Rehabilitation Unit
  • Palliative Care
  • Coronary Care Unit including Clinical Measurements
  • Doctor’s Overnight Accommodation
  • Operating Theatres including Recovery and 23 Hour Ward
  • Department of Surgery and Medicine Offices
  • Intensive Care unit
  • Multistory Car Park


  • Ward layout with connected office spaces improves communication, teamwork, collaboration and enhances supervision. Informal or private conversations made possible by suitably located rooms
  • Majority of single bed rooms for patient privacy, bed utilisation and improved infection control
  • Widespread penetration of natural light
  • Choice of informal spaces for relaxation
  • Local storage of supplies improves operational efficiency
  • Masterplan allows further development with minimal disruption
  • Translation of workplace strategies into hospital design, to consider the needs of patient and staff
  • Use of courtyards and colour scheme to provide positive distractions away from the pain and anxiety of being in hospital
  • Standardised/modularised fixtures, fittings and equipment result in reduced waste and quantity of testing and prototyping pieces, and minimal retention of spares and replacements
  • Staff feedback: ward design helps reduce job stress
  • Acknowledged perceived improvements in service quality as a result of the design


Traffic Engineer
Lambert & Rehbein
Bonacci Group
Structural & Civil
Dot Dash
B&P Surveys
Services Survey
Security, Mechanical, Lifts, Hydraulics, Fire, Electrical
Urban Space Design
Gold Coast City Council
Daryl Jackson Pty Ltd
Architect (Masterplan)
Project Management - Base Build
Silver Thomas Hanley Daryl Jackson Pty Ltd
Health Planners - Base Build
Cardno Alexandre Browne
Structural & Civil - Base Build
S2F Pty Ltd
Building Services Consultant - Base Build
Steve Paul and Partners
Hydraulics Consultant - Base Build
Wilder and Woollard
Cost Planners - Base Build