Queensland Sport and Athletic Centre Masterplan

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Stadiums Queensland
Kessels Rd, Nathan QLD
August 2015
Masterplanning, Concept Design

247,000m² masterplan site area


This masterplan was commissioned by Stadiums Queensland in September 2010 to investigate and report on a proposal to expand the QSAC site to develop a training centre of excellence for professional clubs and expanded athletics facilities.

This masterplan explores the opportunity to create a joint training facility whereby the clubs can benefit from better quality shared facilities than they could afford individually. There are potential synergies with existing QSAC facilities, particularly the Recovery Centre which can be further developed to cater for the needs of the clubs. There is also the opportunity to utilise the expertise of the QAS Sports Science facilities and staff to achieve further efficiencies in operational and training outcomes.

The masterplan also addresses the need to expand and renew the SAF facilities. Introduction of the clubs to the venue involves the transfer of all athletics functions from the main stadium to the SAF track. This requires new administration, training and athlete facilities. Further efficiencies can be explored in collating these facilities with the new QAS facilities so that athletes can have access to a wide range of training expertise and facilities.

The masterplan also addresses the expansion of netball facilities on the site through the addition of a five court facility that will incorporate the administration and training requirements of the professional Netball club.

The arrangement and location of the different venues on the site combined with the landform allows the site to be interpreted as a collection of precincts. These precincts informed the masterplanning process and provided a flexible but sustainable development approach to the whole site.


Kessels Rd, Nathan QLD


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