Penrith Whitewater Stadium

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Olympic Coordination Authority
McCarthys Lane, Cranebrook NSW
Design and Construction


The Whitewater Stadium was designed by Grose Bradley, and was incorporated into BVN when James Grose merged his practice and became a BVN Principal in 1998.

The Penrith Whitewater Stadium Facilities Building is a series of concrete block enclosed functional spaces, located at the high and low points of this manufactured mountain river. These buildings are joined by ramps, describing the functional movement from ticket purchase to raft ride – figuratively a three dimensional diagram.

The engagement of the building with the landscape results from this functional diagram overlaying the topography – a series of terrestrial platforms linked by ramps underneath a large shading roof.

The language of all the built structures of the site is informed by the Facilities Building, so the composition of the entire place is integrated. The utilitarian expression of the place reinforces its manufacture, but also serves to magnify the energy of the whitewater.


McCarthys Lane, Cranebrook NSW


January 2003
Special Distinction IOC/IAKS Awards