Parklands At Sherwood

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Pradella Group
20 Egmont St, Sherwood QLD
January 1, 2009

30,312 m2


Stylish, contemporary residences which capture the green, leafy feel of the suburb and offer maximum privacy and views.

Parklands at Sherwood establishes a new benchmark for the redevelopment of larger ‘brown field’ sites for medium density development in the Brisbane region.

It has an identifiable yet unique residential character set around a large and integrated sub-tropical garden. As a residential village it reflects a casual elegance and becomes an alternative choice for those seeking another way of living in the area. It provides an outstanding contribution to the Sherwood community. It also has extremely broad appeal due to the range and type of accommodation and the facilities offered.

Upon arrival at Egmont Street visitors pass through a terraced garden entrance experience which provides key indicators to the gardens and architecture of the project. The entrance physically orientates the visitor towards the high point of the site at the southern end close to Sherwood Road, marked by the start of an avenue of hoop pines extending from Sherwood Road through to the Small Creek flood plain village to provide a linking theme. The integration of architecture and landscape at the entry with particular feature elements creates a soft threshold to announce arrival.

Brief Elements

  • Apartment homes
  • Manor homes
  • Villas