Athens 2004 Olympic Games OAKA Masterplan

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BVN in association with Decathlon S.A
2004 Athens Olympic Organising Committee
Athens, Greece
June 15, 2001
Masterplanning and Urban Design

950000 m2 site area


Masterplan and operational design for the primary precinct for the 2004 Olympic Games

The OAKA Sports Complex was the principal Olympic precinct for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. The complex includes the main Olympic stadium as well as six other venues.

The masterplan for the precinct consolidates the urban complex of OAKA into a legible and vibrant place through the use of urban infrastructure and critical landscape elements. In addition, a ‘layer’ of operational planning has been developed to support the use of the site in Olympic mode. The operational masterplan for the 95 hectare venue cluster precinct addresses the many issues and requirements to successfully facilitate the 2004 Olympic Games. Issues identified as fundamental in the development of the OAKA masterplan include the construction of two new bus transportation terminals; the establishment of a secure perimeter to meet the Olympic security and operational requirements; the construction of temporary warm up facilities and a review of the tennis centre design.

BVN was one of the first Australian companies to work on the Athens Olympics; with most of the work completed between 2001 and 2002. BVN’s extensive experience in event planning and the multiple projects undertaken for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games proved crucial to the development of a successful masterplan.


Athens, Greece

Brief Elements

  • Aquatic centre outdoor / indoor
  • Common domain
  • IBC
  • Indoor arena
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • MPC
  • Olympic Stadium
  • Sponsor hospitality village
  • Sports hall
  • Tennis Centre
  • Velodrome