Library – University of the Sunshine Coast


The University of the Sunshine Coast Library reflects the changes in the role and nature of a university library as well as the light and vitality of the Sunshine Coast region. The three-storey, public scaled building is positioned centrally on campus, which therefore demanded a degree of transparency.

The result is a reorganisation of the functions to provide a transparent glazed sub-tropical edge. The quintessential ‘Queensland’ verandah along the northern side protects the upper levels with timber slats filtering light through the glass wall.

Planning of facilities provides space for present and future functions, enabling future extensions as the library grows along with the University.

The landscape masterplan was further developed to accommodate a range of planted and pedestrian sized spaces around the building that were introduced by the building design.
The library accommodates 80,000 volumes, most of which are in open stack, and offers multiple spaces for learning, meeting and reflection. The library is designed to reflect the University’s values of fostering freedom of inquiry and expression in the pursuit of lifelong learning. With sunlit spaces, and expansive views out to the campus, the library is a vital and popular place at the University for study, learning and teaching.