The Kimberwalli Centre of Excellence provides space to harness young Aboriginal people’s learning aspirations, fostering and nurture Aboriginal pride and identity.

The Kimberwalli Centre for Excellence

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NSW Department of Aboriginal Affairs
Whalan, NSW Australia
May 2019
Full Architecture & Interior Design Services

1,240 m² GFA


BVN walked alongside young Aboriginal people from Western Sydney to co-design a space for young Aboriginal people to connect, share and grow in a culturally safe way.

The centre was developed in collaboration with the local Aboriginal community to support young Aboriginal people transitioning from school to further education, grounded in a solid connection for Aboriginal culture and community.

The project repurposes two existing buildings which incorporate new teaching and learning spaces for collaborative learning and knowledge sharing. The refurbishment includes new seminar rooms, meeting spaces, digital labs and breakout spaces for social interaction.

Connection to landscape and Country was essential to the development, with many external gathering spaces embedded into the centre. Most significantly, the purpose-built fire pit used for Yarning Circles and storytelling.

Strategic demolition allows new visual connections between different areas creating holistic experiences that give a new character to the building. The centre is immersed in Aboriginal culture to foster and nurture Aboriginal pride and identity.