Jasper Lane

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Turrisi Properties Pty Ltd
20 Turner Avenue, New Farm QLD
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4,385m² Building GFA


Housing development with a strong village character, providing residents with generous outdoor living areas and outlook

Jasper Lane is a small inner city community of 12 attached and semi detached houses located in a quiet residential street of New Farm, in Brisbane. The houses comprise three levels each with an address and garage to the lane, with small and large courtyard spaces to the north and south.

The houses are designed for maximum privacy but grouped together to develop a recognisable neighbourhood precinct. Differing types of low pitched skillion roofs alternate for changes in scale and form. Large areas of windows and glass doors lead to outdoor living spaces. Windows are provided with weather protection in varying forms including roof overhangs, external aluminium screens, sun shades and larger verandah roofs or balconies. The forms respond to the differing needs for privacy and outlook. The intention is to provide a subtly different character to each detached house and attached house while maintaining the type of harmonious diversity also found in the surrounding suburb.

Generally, the houses are arranged in groups and sited carefully within the landscape. This enables the maximum opportunity for areas of open space accessible to residents and the obvious connection of the open spaces within the central street area. A restricted budget influenced the construction system and materials which are generally conventional and “off the shelf” but employed in carefully arranged composition which belies the economy of means.