Hellinikon Masterplan, Athens 2004 Olympic Games

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BVN in association with Decathlon S.A. & ADK
2004 Athens Olympic Organising Committee
Baseball and Softball Centre, Elliniko 16777 Greece
December 31, 2001
Concept Design

1050000 m2 site area


The redevelopment of the former Athens airport into a world-class sporting precinct for the 2004 Olympic Games

The Hellinikon Sports Complex was the second largest collection of sporting venues for the 2004 Athens Olympic and Paralympic Games, hosting up to 150,000 spectators per day. The Hellinikon project included the development of an operational masterplan for the 105 hectare venue cluster precinct, as well as the design of the basketball arena, fencing hall, hockey stadium, baseball stadium and softball stadium.

The complex is located at the site of the former Athens International Airport in the south of the city, which was revitalised to contain a range of sporting, cultural and recreational facilities and become a major ‘urban park’ for the city of Athens after the Olympic Games.



Baseball and Softball Centre, Elliniko 16777 Greece

Brief Elements

  • Athens Olympic Baseball Centre: 12,000 capacity (Baseball 1), 7,000 capacity (Baseball 2)
  • 1 Softball competition field (5,000 seat capacity)
  • 2 Hockey competition fields (15,000 and 5,000 seat capacities)
  • Broadcast and media facilities
  • Extensive temporary facilities for Olympic operations
  • Indoor basketball arena - 15,000 seats
  • Indoor fencing hall - 5,000 seats
  • Permanent 5,000 seat capacity covered grandstand, with player and officials facilities, administration offices and VIP and spectator facilities
  • Optimum sightlines for spectators
  • Players amenities and warm-up facilities
  • Temporary facilities for Olympic operations
  • Warm-Up and training facilities