Guardian Early Learning Centre, Taringa

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Guardian Early Learning Centre
Taringa QLD Australia
May 2019
Interior Design Services



This Early Learning Centre is located on the roof of a commercial storey tower. It is conceived as a miniature of the distant landscape to create a space of familiarity while embedding forms and spaces that inspire imagination for children.

The organisation of the open, single floor plan capitalises on the tower views to Brisbane’s landmark western range Mt Cootha, bringing the outdoors in both physically and metaphorically. The derived forms and shapes of the mountains, skylines, horizons and valleys are composed and built to order both incidental and planned circulation around play spaces. Mountainous landscapes and skylines in the learning space can be seen from the circulation paths and viewpoints, enhancing the imaginative association.

The Guardian Early Learning Centre contributes to the contemporary typology for children centred spaces within the boundaries of a commercial office building, where the physical needs relating to scale, light, views and ventilation are emphasised and extended to include sensory stimuli such as comparison, unevenness, colour, sound, touch and smell.