"This workplace has positioned the bank for the longer term...and has created the best possible environment for both our staff and clients"
John Cincotta, COO

Deutche Bank, L36 Vero Centre , 48 Shortland Street Auckland New Zealand for BVN Architects Sydney use only, as per AIPA Terms and Conditions.

Deutsche Bank

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Deutsche Bank AG Sydney
Level 8-16, 126 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW
Full Architectural Services

14000 m2 NLA


Aligning seamlessly with the company’s corporate culture and image as well as the architecture of the unique base building 

Deutsche Bank’s Sydney office is located across nine floors of the commercial tower at 126 Phillip Street designed by Foster and Partners. It houses the global markets trading floors, a significant IT team, operational support and conference and meeting facilities. As an anchor tenant, the investment bank negotiated an integrated fit-out. Accordingly, the Deutsche Bank workplace was developed in synchronicity with the design of the base building – requiring a collaborative working model with all project participants. The workplace design is underpinned by the bank’s aspiration for unity, transparency, functionality, innovation and community. The workplace is linked over the nine floors by two glass stairs incised into the floorplate. A variety of meeting areas form communal spaces at the vertical stair nodes and in turn cluster around the building’s atrium, creating a dynamic presence to this internal atrium facade. Meeting rooms are created as coloured pavilions, clad entirely in glass. Whilst this allows a high level of transparency and openness, complex levels of control and security required by the investment bank protocols are also provided.

The workspace is inexorably linked to both the culture and image of the bank and to the architecture of this unique building. The transition from the building’s entry through to the lift experience, to Deutsche Bank’s main public floor is seamless, allowing the bank to take full visual ownership of the building.


Level 8-16, 126 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW


RAIA NSW Interior Architecture Award
RAIA National Award for Interior Architecture

Brief Elements

  • Atypical requirements
  • Client interface areas
  • Support facilities
  • Working areas
  • Incorporation of major art installations