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The Customer Experience Company

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The Customer Experience Company
Level 6, 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney New South Wales 2000
October 2016
Full Interior Design Services

539m² NLA


A new design studio reflecting CEC’s position as industry leaders, solving business problems through design thinking.

The Customer Experience Company (CEC) occupies a small but vibrant 539m2 studio in Macquarie Place, the project was conceived within a condensed project timeframe. In order to meet this timeframe and achieve an innovative outcome that didn’t fall back on existing workplace assumptions, BVN undertook a rapid prototype concept/ design development process.  This entailed a three-stage process that was repeated every three days throughout the evolution of the design. In the first stage the PCG met to explore workshop ideas, the second stage involved the selection of the most promising ideas, and the third stage tested the ideas in two distinct ways: CEC internally trailed initiatives, whilst BVN tested concepts against building conditions to test their validity. This process was particularly effective given the timeframe and provided an opportunity for all parties to fully commit and be engaged in the process. Complete commitment from all parties was not only critical, but extremely powerful in the evolution of robust innovative solutions to current problems and new business aspirations.

A key component of CEC’s environment were spaces that could be easily modified for various purposes: quiet focused work, adhoc team collaboration, large scale events and client workshops.  The space was designed to maximise the functionality of the small studio. CEC employees are fully agile, working on folding tables with retractable power, reconfiguring layouts daily based on project needs and specific tasks at hand.  One on one collaboration and large scale design thinking sessions during client workshops are supported using a ceiling mounted track that zig zag’s through the space suspending stackable whiteboards that can be easily relocated to support needs.  A long bench runs through the space acting as a concierge, breakout, meeting spot, a bar for events and focal point for the team.


Level 6, 7 Macquarie Place, Sydney New South Wales 2000


Australian Interior Design (AIDA) Award for Workplace Design


  • Rapid fire design process resulted in a more innovative outcome within a short project timeframe
  • Complete flexibility maximising functionality and creativity
  • Plug and play power enabling any setting to exist in any location
  • Versatile whiteboard track system used as a tool for design thinking in both small teams and large events
  • Design maximises sight lines to water views, surrounding trees, and connection throughout the studio creating a ‘one team’ feel
  • Greater levels of client integration; clients can actively participate in the entire studio culture whilst still providing settings for discretion where confidentiality is required