Canberra College of Performing Arts Centre

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Launceston Phillip ACT
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2050 m2


Multi-purpose professional performing arts centre and teaching facility shared by Canberra College and the wider community

The Canberra College of Performing Arts Centre serves a dual function as a teaching and professional performance space for a senior public school and, outside of school hours, as a performing arts facility for the wider community. It is designed to accommodate the complex security, acoustic and operational requirements of both the private college and public components.

The building sits comfortably in the landscape and is sited to enhance an existing student courtyard space, enlivening a previously unutilised area of the campus. This courtyard space also acts as a formal arrival forecourt for the building during performances. Visitors embark on a journey through the new forecourt and dramatic foyer with its strong geometry and exposed structure, into the dramatic realm.

The 175 seat theatre, with its deep stage, generous wings, lighting bridges and full control room is supported by a large double height ‘black box’ drama studio, dance studio, music studio with sound isolated practice rooms and extensive back of house areas. Importantly, the planning arrangements of studios enable classes in each discipline to occur concurrently, without affecting each other.

The robust fabric of the building, including the consistent steel cladding, is designed to withstand the knocks of a college environment while assisting in achieving the complex acoustic requirements and the overall sustainability approach.


The Australian Institute of Architects COLORBOND Award for Steel Architecture (ACT)
The Australian Institute of Architects Award for Public Architecture (ACT)

Brief Elements

  • ‘Black-box’ drama studio with professional lighting grid
  • 175 seat raked theatre with sprung floor, deep stage, proscenium arch, wings, cyclorama, lighting bridges and control room
  • Dance studio with sprung floor
  • Front of house areas
  • Loading dock
  • Mini-recording studio
  • Music studio with sound-proof practice rooms
  • Soundproof Music Practice Rooms
  • 174 theatre Seats