"The Eagle Farm Residential Precinct is the centre piece of a $1.2 billion Master Plan that will transform this historic area"
Neville Bell, BRC Chairperson

Brisbane Racing Club Redevelopment

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QLD, Australia
October 2014 -
Competitive Bid

54,310m² Site area

1,000m² Community Facilities


Our proposal supports and extends The Brisbane Racing Club’s vision to offer the highest quality buildings, spaces and experiences that create a lasting legacy for BRC and the broader community.

The scheme includes a number of distinctive residential buildings of varying scale, linked together by a vibrant, multi layered yet cohesive public realm that includes major public parks and facilities. Although contrary to the existing Master Plan, our scheme consolidates cyclists, cars, people drop-offs, pedestrians and building addresses to produce a memorable new street that stitches the precinct together and which in turn is linked to Doomben and Eagle Farm’s broader network of streets, paths and spaces.

We believe this proposal supports BRC’s overarching desire to produce an authentic, identifiable, activated and safe public realm domain. In addition it provides excellent trackside control, surveillance and safety, whilst still providing significant engagement by the broader community with on-track activities.

Multi layered experiences along the street include the activated retail and market spaces in the area of the existing heritage buildings, distinctive urban street spaces defined by variable scaled residential buildings, activated ‘town squares’ that include community use facilities, expansive and intimate open spaces created by the parks and gardens rolling down to the track between the buildings.

The character and identity of the precinct will be underpinned by a cultivated, variable and visually distinctive sub-tropic landscape reinforced by characteristic sub-tropic buildings that include rooftop gardens and elevated, outdoor garden spaces that register in the form as ‘viewing boxes’ overlooking the track.

Context Response

In addition to responding to BRC’s Desired Outcomes, our proposal leverages the latent qualities of both the immediate and broader context.

The entire precinct of buildings has been sited and manipulated to respond to the superb track side setting, the ideal north-east orientation, views toward Moreton Bay and Moreton Island, as well as the significant city views to the southwest.

Through the development of the scheme, building façade detail setout, finishes and detail will be refined to maximize these contextual opportunities.



QLD, Australia

Brief Elements

  • Masterplan
  • Multiple Residential Apartment Buildings
  • Retail Precinct
  • Food and Beverage
  • Commercial Building
  • Function Centre
  • Heritage Building adaptive re-use
  • Terrace housing
  • Community facilities
  • Public park


  • Vibrant, multi layered yet cohesive public realm that includes public parks and facilities
  • Adaptive reuse of Robin Dods designed heritage building


Client, Development, Construction
Town Planning
Calibre Consulting (Brown)
Civil Engineering
Palmer Acoustics
Acoustics & Vibration Testing
Land Partners
Landscape Architect
Butler Partners
Geotechnical & Contamination
Traffic Planning
Wood & Grieve Engineers
Electrical, Mechnical, VT, Gas, Hydaulic, Fire
McKenzie Group
Certifier & DDA
Waste Tech