Brisbane International Terminal Expansion

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Brisbane Airport Corp Ltd
Brisbane, QLD
Full Architectural Services

60000 m2 Expansion

65000 m2 Original terminal

3600 m2 Retail Space


The Brisbane Airport International Terminal Building Expansion (ITBX) project delivers a major refurbishment and extension to the terminal and concourse. The expansion is in line with the 2012 forecast of approximately 3,000 passengers per hour in peak periods.

The terminal has been expanded to the south by 60 metres over all four floors. The northern concourse has been extended by 200 metres, adding a further two aircraft gates and state-of-the-art aerobridges which allow the airport to accommodate next generation aircraft such as the A380. Some re-planning to the original terminal – designed by BVN in 1995 – was also required due to changes in passenger processing and security measures, and to optimise the plan with minimal expansion to the building envelope. In addition, all processing areas have been expanded and updated to meet the latest airline practices and technology. Major refurbishments to the retail and commercial office areas include the integration of larger arrival and departure lounges.

The terminal provides a high level of passenger amenity with skylights and clear glass-lines to allow as much light to filter through as possible. The terminal is designed for functionality and efficiency, with clear sight lines to security and customs areas to minimise passenger stress whilst incorporating significant retail opportunities.


Brisbane, QLD


Australian Institute of Architects Art and Architecture Prize (QLD)
RAIA Brisbane Public Architecture Commendation
RAIA Brisbane Art and Architecture Commendation

Brief Elements

  • Central skylight
  • New concourse experience for northern expansion
  • New passenger flows for levels 3 and 4
  • Retail precincts for levels 2, 3, and 4
  • Self-service check-in
  • Twin belt check-in islands