"'Mesh' is a next-generation ‘living building’"
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Australian Urban Projects
9-15 Bowden Street, Alexandria, Sydney


Mesh is a next-generation ‘living building’, designed by BVN Architecture in association with Matthew Woodward for the Living Office.

While it can accommodate traditional office layouts, Mesh is designed to house workplaces that adapt to the way people do their best work.
On the ground floor, a long 134m2 commercial space faces the street, suitable for small offices or a retail showroom.

On the middle two floors, open, flexible floorplates lend themselves to campus workplaces with dynamic, connected zones. Wrap-around covered balconies to the north and west provide quintessentially Australian indoor/outdoor spaces as good for meetings as they are for informal gatherings and barbecues.

On the third floor, a 6.2 metre high ceiling accommodates a mezzanine that snakes around dramatic, mushroom shaped pillars. The concrete ceiling and floor give a warehouse feel without compromising the sleek modernity of the new build.

Floors are connected by glass-walled lifts and stairwells, encouraging and rewarding movement throughout the building.


9-15 Bowden Street, Alexandria, Sydney