Beijing 2008 Olympic Green Operational Masterplan

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Beijing Organising Committee For The Olympics
Chaoyang, Beijing


The Detailed Operational Masterplanning process was divided into three stages comprising an initial Appraisal Period, the development of an Operational Concept Design and finally the detail resolution of the Operational Schematic Design

The Stage 1 Appraisal Period of the Detailed Operational Masterplanning process explored various options in the context of developing an understanding of each functional area requirements (Security, Transport, Games Services, Venue Management, Logistics, Media, Environment, Marketing, Medical and Sports Department to name a few). Stage 1 was an analytical process and was not intended to produce final drawings for approval. The model drawings produced as part of this stage were a tool for progressing the operational masterplan towards the Stage 2: Operational Concept Design.

The Stage 2 Operational Concept Design Period of the Detailed Operational Master-planning process continued the process of design development and culminated in a report which outlined key elements of the analysis as well as the proposed operational strategies of a number of ‘Games Model’ arrangements. Confirmation of Key Strategic initiatives by relevant stakeholders were required during this period to enable the planning to progress.

The Stage 3 Operational Schematic Design Period of the Detailed Operational Masterplanning process covered the progression of the operational plan through concept design culminating in a final report, including operational and schematic block planning layouts.


Chaoyang, Beijing