Azure Sea

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AMG Property Development
Raintree Place, Airlie Beach QLD
January 1, 2006
Full Architectural Services

6889 m2


Apartment complex designed to allow occupants of all residences unlimited access to ocean views

The development of Azure Sea is broken into two separate masses, in an elongated form which matches the hillscape. The larger rear block overlooks the smaller front block in such a way that allows occupants of all residences unlimited access to ocean views.

The stepping of the buildings relates to the natural topography in elevation minimising the height impact of the development. Access to the varying levels is staggered with the natural slope of the terrain, allowing on grade access to car parking and removing the need for steep cavernous car ramps.

Elevationally the building is treated with solid rendered masonry to the east and west, and transparently through the generous use of glazing to the predominant northern views towards Double Cone Island, and to garden views to the south. Retaining requirements triggered by the naturally steeply sloped terrain are dealt with by the introduction of heavy planting, or through the decomposition of the retaining wall mass through cutting in, setting back and at one stage using water, to define the limits of one level from another.

Materials and colours additionally make reference to regional themes of sailing and the ocean. The building base is described in a darker, more earthy and recessive colour. The external edges are faced in a very light, sandstone colour, as are the barge cappings and facias of the sweeping roof shapes. Glazing is identified as a light blue float, unreflective.

Brief Elements

  • 30 Apartments
  • 10 Houses