Athens 2004 Olympic Games National Pan-Peloponnesian Stadium Of Patras

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BVN in association with Decathlon S.A
2004 Athens Olympic Organising Committee
Panpeloponnesian Stadium, Patras, Greece
June 1, 2003
Concept Design

50000 m2 GFA


Football stadium upgrade, creating a regional sporting hub post Olympic Games

The Panpeloponnesian Stadium, located in Patras, Greece was the venue for football in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. The venue was an existing athletics stadium built in 1981, which required significant redevelopment in order to facilitate the Olympic football events. Patras is located approximately 220km west of Athens; the upgraded stadium forms the centrepiece of a regional and community sporting precinct.

BVN conducted a site evaluation and developed design concepts for the expansion and redevelopment of the stadium. The project scope included the reconfiguration of the stadium, the operational design for the Olympic Games and the development of a new roof for the stadium.

The concept design for the stadium expands the capacity of the venue from 12,000 to approximately 20,000 seats. The stadium is also designed to be retained for athletics and provide training facilities for judo, wrestling, gymnastics, tae kwon do, boxing and weightlifting.

The concept envisages a high quality stadium for Olympic football, and a future international standard athletics facility, capable of hosting major events.


Panpeloponnesian Stadium, Patras, Greece

Brief Elements

  • 20,000 seat stadium
  • Ancillary stadium
  • Facilities for football and athletics
  • Fine steel roof
  • Handball court
  • Integration with new transport network system
  • Public spectator plaza
  • Public sporting facilities
  • Stadium regeneration and refurbishment