AWD/LHD has been designed to maximise efficiencies and synergies in Naval capability
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AWD/LHD Ship Sustainment Facilities

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Department of Defence
Garden Island, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia


The Air Warfare Destroyer [AWD]/ Landing Helicopter Dock [LHD] project delivers the on-shore sustainment facilities for Australia’s new fleet of 21st century naval capability – the two Landing Helicopter Docks and the three Air Warfare Destroyers. The procurement of these five ships and associated facilities is one of the largest procurement projects in the Department of Defence history.
The project has three buildings and a number of ancillary facilities. These are:
– The Command Team Trainer (CTT), located at HMAS Watson on South Head in Sydney, which emulates the Combat Information Centre (CIC) of the AWD for training purposes. The high level of security required for this facility has driven the design response whilst recognising its visible location
– The Training Centre (TC) and Randwick Barracks, which is a large training facility for sailors containing various facilities – ranging from conventional classrooms through high-tech emulation spaces to a ship-escape facility. The building is designed to create a holistic environment that promotes camaraderie, training and pedagogy.
– System Program Office (SPO) and Through Life Support Facility (TLSF) at Garden Island, a highly secure administration facility located adjacent to the docking facilities on Garden Island.
– Various storage and monitoring facilities
– Upgrade of the docking and wharf areas of Garden Island
The project is highly secure by nature, with each facility having specific requirements that have been addressed during the design and delivery process. The three main buildings are robust, calm and sophisticated works of architecture that incorporate the complex functional and technical requirements whilst recognising the inherent public nature of the buildings.
More information can be found on the Australian Governments Department of Defence, Defence Infrastructure website.



Garden Island, Potts Point NSW 2011, Australia


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