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301 Wickham St, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Architectural Design Services + Public Realm Strategy


Commercial office tower designed to provide best practice workplace, including a ventilated facade to enable genuinely biophilic ‘interiors’.


Facilities, experiences and identity that characterise best practice corporate culture are becoming even more aligned with qualities that identify a dynamic and liveable city – and this synergy of workplace and Citymaking characteristics is what makes 301 Wickham Street an exemplar development of a its type.

The site is currently surrounded by low scale 2-4 storey brick buildings with a 25 storey residential tower approved for construction on the adjoining Wickham Street site. It is bound by Wickham Street, the major outbound arterial road and Constance Street, an important connection in the Fortitude Valley, as it is one of only two streets linking over the railway reserve to the RNA and northern half of the Valley Heart precinct.

The proposed development is for commercial offices that provide for best practice workplace facilities, located as an independent tower form over a low level composition of community and tenant spaces.  Each part is configured to integrate with authentic and verdant landscapes that provide visual and psychological appeal and benefits.

The ‘street building’ is of a scale and character that will provide unprecedented quality of the public realm. It is shaped to leverage the opportunities of the sub-tropic Queensland setting – in a sense an urban verandah that provides activated, safe and shaded outdoor spaces with prospect over the street.

The shaping and articulation of the ground plane, foyer, elevated gardens and the tower underbelly are all in direct response to orientation and the desire for the ‘values’ and ‘contributions’ of the building to be expressed in its form.

The tower is conceived to ‘allow the outside in’ through the inclusion of a ventilated façade, interconnected voids, ‘interior’ gardens, and integrated building management systems in a highly effective workplace where the benefits of biophilic design are genuinely embedded as a core value. The building owners’ intend to work with prospective tenants to optimise these workplace opportunities (enabled by Brisbane’s benign sub-tropic climate) for the tower ‘interior’ to have a tangible, comfortable and invigorating connection to gardens and fresh air – the single and most influential factor relating to wellbeing and productivity.


301 Wickham St, Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Brief Elements

  • 25 storey commercial building
  • Landscaped podium
  • Landscaped roof and trellis structures
  • Commercial, Gym, EOT, Childcare, Gallery Mezzanine and Cafe tenancy spaces
  • 30,000m2 of A Grade 5 star GBCA rated Office NLA
  • 200 Bicycle rack spaces
  • 139 Carpark spaces


  • Ventilated façade with occupiable balconies and roof garden - “The Crown”, to enhance the Valley skyline with “A Living Green Building
  • Integrated vertical gardens / balconies to the tower office facade
  • Separated podium and tower – creating a distinct podium “Street Building”, enhanced light ingress and views to and from the park and at street level
  • Cafés, gymnasium and childcare centre to support tenant wellness and promote community within the development
  • Significant integrated landscaped areas at both street, elevated ‘podium’ and roof levels
  • 30,000m2 of A Grade 5 star GBCA rated Office NLA featuring large floor plates and side core