"Permeable public domain is a gift to the city"
Brian Donovan, BVN Principal

12 Creek Street – The Annex

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DEXUS Property Group
12 Creek Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Architectural Design Services + Public Realm Strategy

8,420m² GFA


The Annex at 12 Creek Street is conceived as a ‘setting’ that is tailored to meet contemporary requirements for a connected workplace and leverages the unique qualities and identity of the site. It is unique, identifiable and enabling as a business destination.

Building scale, section, form and detail is intended to have an association with the adjacent fig trees, including the memorable experiences of ‘being under the canopy’, ‘looking through the foliage’ and ‘being amongst the aerial trunks’.

An underpinning strategy is that the ground level is a highly activated public realm – a public place under the extended canopy of the overhead form – that extends through to the remade plaza under the existing blue tower, and the laneway adjacent to the historic Corbett Chambers. In turn, this permeable ground plane extends and enhances an identifiable part of Brisbane’s pedestrian network.

Public realm details including raking ‘trunks’ as columns along with integral plinths and seating configurations that address the fig to make a positive contribution to the streetscape.

Building plan and section is designed to enable a new ‘vertical village’. Above the arrival plaza, nine levels of boutique spaces are linked by an interconnecting stair to create workplace neighbourhoods with characteristics and prospect that takes full advantage of the unique siting. The facade of the lower six levels, aligning with the fig tree canopy, is designed to allow for outdoor occupation. It is a breathing façade that promotes a genuine connection with the outdoors, with tangible wellbeing benefits.

The upper three levels, culminating with the sky terrace are designed to as a framework for a cascading garden that form a characteristic elevated landscape.

Level 10 is highly bespoke, with a covered outdoor and landscaped sky terrace with views across the golden triangle towards the river to create a memorable work setting.

The uppermost occupied level and roof volume, provides cover to the sky terrace and is shaped and detailed as an elegant beacon, identifying the building from near and far. As a rooftop seen ‘in the round’, it is made from perforated metal using an abstracted fig canopy motif that is also present in other details of the facade.



12 Creek Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brief Elements

  • 11 storey commercial building
  • 24/7 public outdoor space
  • Café, retail tenancies
  • Landscaped roof terrace and trellis structures


  • Epitomizes key characteristics embedded in Councils’ 'Buildings That Breathe Design Guide'
  • An activated and permeable ground plane providing community benefit and street activation
  • An integrated laneway activation scheme
  • Occupiable ‘City Rooms’ expressed as part of building form
  • Occupiable ‘Sky Terrace’ with significant living vertical trellis and greenery charactising the upper levels
  • Expressive roof form integral with the building identity, and providing protection to occupied outdoor spaces


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