"I would like to personally express my gratitude and appreciation for all your hard work and effort throughout the whole process"
Sam Lincon, Lincon Properties

106-116 Epsom Road

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Lincon Properties
NSW, Australia
December 2014 -
Full Architectural Services

9,649m² GFA


Architectural intent of creating a subtle, rich, simple building that will be at once a unique and strong urban contributor.

Rosebery, Waterloo, Zetland, Alexandria and South Sydney in general are experiencing a period of major change to their urban fabric. The light industries, car yards and big-box retail are moving on – releasing large areas of land for development and urban regeneration.

Although not a new process, the area is currently in an intense phase of major redevelopment which is rapidly reshaping our city. An ongoing and robust planning process has helped to protect parts of the character of these suburbs and hopefully enhance it. These redevelopments should be exemplars of knitting communities together – communities which were previously split with acres of hardstand and impenetrable industrial buildings. The traditional industrial context is disappearing. Whilst some fantastic examples are redefined (for example, The Grounds in Alexandria) many others are becoming merely memory, or a simplistic interpretation of what once was. A new context is appearing – large apartment buildings creating clear street walls and defining neighbourhoods, with transitional (and traditional) smaller scale housing such as townhouses/terraces also being created across the area. Our proposal recognises this changing context and responds to both the aspiration and detail of the DCP and Stage One DA.

Fundamentally, this scheme is about creating urbanity, density and a civic nature.

The building is proposed to be a bold element in the streetscape – recognisable, identifiable and unique, whilst helping create this new context.

Brief Elements

  • High quality, feasible and commercially viable development that responds to the market
  • Maximise the allowable floor space area for apartments and reduce circulation space whilst maintaining a high quality, efficient design
  • Maximise outlook to the views of the parks and the city skyline
  • Maximise allowable parking in an efficiently designed basement that considers all requirements
  • Minimise operating and ongoing maintenance costs by utilising durable materials
  • Building that is fit for intended purpose


  • The use of a lustrous metal across the building
  • The use of simple but articulated detailing of corners, window reveals and roof framing from
  • Geometric highlights to the form, to define the various volumes and break down the visual scale of the building
  • The use of window boxes and corner windows
  • Activated roof terraces for residents
  • Balconies extending past the primary building line, which further fragment the silhouette
  • Ground level retail facing Gunyama Park


APP Corporation Pty Ltd
Project Manager
Newton Fisher Group
Quantity Surveyor
Structural and Civil
Lehr Paul & Partners
Hydraulic and Fire
Evolved Engineering
Electrical and Mechanical
Landscape Design
MHNDU/Neeson Murcutt
Architect Building A
Architect Building B & C
Traffic and Parking Consultants
Traffic Engineering
Geotechnical & Environmental Investigations
Blackett Maguire & Goldsmith
BCA Consultant
Linker Surveying