Collectively working through COVID-19 

During the COVID 19 pandemic, we were one of the few architectural practices in Australia that had the capability to transition overnight to a full working from home model, having built resilience into our practice by implementing a completely virtualised desktop computer environment. This has given us a proven track record with fully remote teams continuing to deliver for projects across Australia. This ensures we get the best people and expertise for your project irrespective of location.

In line with the COVID 19 restrictions lifting, from the beginning of July, we implemented a hybrid working model, working from studio and working from home. This hybrid model is evolving as we learn the best methods of communicating with a divergent workforce. Our aim is to continually support our people, enabling those who wish to continue working from their homes, focusing on their wellbeing, with weekly check-ins, as well as supporting those who will be back in our studios. This offers us a unique opportunity to actively explore the benefits of choice, where people work with balance, focusing on their holistic wellbeing. This is an exciting time of evolution in workspace practices. We are committed to providing excellence in shaping the new future of workplace modelling, in servicing our clients, and in the delivery of our projects.



You can reach us on the main studio phone line or contact our people directly, via mobile or email, as usual. If you have any concerns or require further clarity about working arrangements, please be in touch.

We’ll see you soon, virtually.