Strengthening our collective: BVN announces Co-CEOs

Today, BVN announces a change in its leadership team; both Neil Logan and Ninotschka Titchkosky will be Co-CEOs of the global BVN studio, effective January 2019.

On behalf of the Principal group Ninotschka and Neil will share the responsibilities of strengthening our studio purpose: collective creativity to design a better future.

Ninotschka Titchkosky, Neil Logan

Through shared leadership, BVN is purposefully strengthening its ability to address the profound changes that are transforming architecture and construction. Collectively, Neil and Ninotschka will bring together their expertise in design, research and business strategy to ensure BVN continues to create projects with great foresight for our clients and humanistic environments that support social cohesion and digital integration.

James Grose will complete his 12-year tenure as CEO in January 2019 and will enthusiastically focus on continuing his leadership of award winning architecture and design in the coming years at BVN.

The success and growth of the studio across James’ tenure is largely credited to his belief in company culture as a driver of business. James’ work as CEO instigated a flatter company structure fostering the collective talents of the team; and developed a global studio footprint.

For this, BVN thanks James for his commitment to the studio, and looks forward to the continuous benefits of his humanity and design intelligence being focussed on projects.

From January 2019, Neil will be located in the BVN Brisbane studio and Ninotschka will be based in BVN Sydney studio. Together they will further knit together the global practice. Both Neil and Ninotschka are Principals at BVN.