Buildings that Breathe – The Annex, 12 Creek Street

The Annex at 12 Creek Street is a design synthesis of Brisbane’s sub-tropical climate, the sites cultural context, and the buildings functional requirement to be a contemporary connected workplace.

The Annex, 12 Creek Street Brisbane, vertical village

The twelve-storey tower sits at the heart of Brisbane’s ‘Golden Triangle’- a parcel of land at the intersection of Creek, Eagle and Elizabeth Streets – gifted to the people of Brisbane in 1889 by Queen Victoria. Walter Hill, the first superintendent of Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens, planted three fig trees on it to provide a shady area for workers to rest amid the hectic activity of the wharf trading area. The trees grew rapidly, watered by Wheat Creek, which ran alongside the reserve.

The Annex remakes this setting by establishing itself as a fourth fig tree. Wheat Creek – now Creek St, is addressed by The Annex’s ground level, a highly activated public realm. Tiered seating gives workers from the golden triangle a place of pause under The Annex’s plaza soffit – itself an abstracted fig tree canopy.

The Annex, 12 Creek Street Brisbane, ground level

The buildings’ scale, section, form and detail is intended to have an association with the adjacent fig trees, including the memorable experiences of ‘being under the canopy’, ‘looking through the foliage’ and ‘being amongst the aerial trunks’. This architectural language extends beyond The Annex through to the laneway adjacent to the historic Corbett Chambers. In so doing, this permeable ground plane connects and enhances an identifiable part of Brisbane’s pedestrian network.

The Annex, 12 Creek Street Brisbane

The plan and section was designed to enable a new ‘Vertical Village’ and to support Brisbane City Councils’ design Plan – ‘New World City Design Guide – Buildings that Breathe’. Above the Arrival Plaza, twelve levels of boutique spaces are linked by an interconnecting stair to create workplace neighbourhoods with characteristics and outlook that take full advantage of the unique qualities and identity of the site.

The Annex, 12 Creek Street Brisbane

The Annex is currently under construction and its progress towards reinventing the commercial tower typology through grounding it authentically within Brisbane’s unique relationship with the outdoors will be recorded and shared. For more detail about this building, click here.


Lucas Leo