Celebrating 90 Years of Architecture

From a world of analogue construction to digital fabrication, after 90 years, we’re innovating in the digital age of construction.

When we reflect on 90 years of practice, we’re proud of what our studio has achieved. The architecture was of its time and ably reflected culture, technology and materials. 90 years has been great preparation for the future. View the full ebook below (best viewed in full screen).

Historically, there was an order for architecture: we have always worked creatively through the pattern book, always delivering buildings that were reflective of a place in time, society and contemporary construction methods and materials. Today we have moved into a disruptive epoch where architecture is going through an incredible digital revolution.

We’re in the midst of radical change. The construction industry is one of the last sectors to be radically affected by technology. Once upon a time, construction and architecture sat alongside each other but more and more we are overlapping – the line is blurring. With our work in robotics and digital fabrication, we’re not only transforming the industry but defining our place in it.

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