Suite X is an innovative evolution of building suite strategies to offer ultimate flexibility, reuse and speed to market

SuiteX – the new flexible commercial leasing space

We’ve invested our workplace intelligence into SuiteX – Dexus Property Group pilot project that is shaking up the commercial leasing environment.

Motivated by the rapid pace that workplaces are changing, SuiteX addresses the new technological and spatial requirements that organisations desperately seek. The new space for Dexus at 44 Market Street, Sydney is designed for ultimate flexibility, reuse, and speed to market. It is geared towards a shared, community based model that has a lower impact on natural resources. SuiteX offers organisations elasticity to shrink or grow to respond to market conditions with tenancies starting from six months, accommodating a businesses space requirements and the option to create their own shopfront.

A modular wall system was developed that enables tenants to rapidly change entire floor plates; intertenancy walls can be removed overnight to increase the size of the suite and additional offices and meeting rooms can be inserted into an existing suite over a weekend. Wall panels are interchangeable to support the tenants preferred way of working – options for cork, whiteboard, and acoustic fabric panels are also available. Services are pre-designed to accommodate a variety of layouts, which means they’ll rarely need to be adjusted when suite configurations change.

The project also aims to minimise landfill associated with new fitouts. Furnishings have been selected with longevity in mind and old building stock has been repurposing instead of demolished.

SuiteX is designed to enable maximum flexibility for tenants with minimum disruption to their business. The flexibility of lease terms appeals to a broad range of tenants – from start-ups through to established companies looking for a project space. The high quality of design and amenities creates an atmosphere that organisations see as a positive reflection of their own brand.

BVN has recognised a need for quality workspace that doesn’’t require a long-term commitment. And while SuiteX will play a vital role in the workplace landscape now, we’ll take the data from this model and continue to evolve it.

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Sally Campbell
Senior Practice Director