BVN celebrates Libraries and Information Week 2018

Sociability rather than silence rules in contemporary libraries

Libraries have evolved to become hubs of vibrant community activity. Sociability rather than silence has become the rule.

BVN are currently working on Darling Exchange. A new library that The City of Sydney will open to the public in early 2019.

The hive shaped space – in a Kengo Kuma and Associates designed building in Darling Harbour- will exemplify contemporary library design.

Contemporary libraries are curated spaces offering new experiences and concepts for community engagement. They are focused on experience and are nurtured by roaming librarians and volunteers who encourage personalisation and interaction. Administrative tasks, such as borrowing and returns, shadow the demand for bespoke service and engagement and are automated.

Darling Exchange builds on the proven success of the BVN designed Woollahra Library, by adopting the same concept of putting individual and community needs first. Embedded technology that attracts people to work, study, relax and play is the foundation of the library. Community requirements for publicly accessible indoor and outdoor facilities supported by AV, wifi, interactive walls and workspaces will be the benchmark of Darling Exchange. In addition there will be a maker and innovation space for start-ups and community to create, learn and share knowledge.

In creating Darling Exchange, the City of Sydney is investing in the strength of its community and is providing it a home.

All images in this post are of Woollhara Library.



Daisy Szakaly