The 2018 INDE.Awards shortlist has been announced.

The 2018 INDE.Awards recognise Asia Pacific’s most progressive design and architecture. It sets the benchmark for the diverse and dynamic design that’s represented in this region.

Four BVN projects have been nominated across four categories:

The Building:
Australian Embassy Bangkok

The opportunity to design an embassy that represents Australia is a humbling task – to seek architectural symbology that can adequately express the spirit of a diverse and complex multicultural society. The proposition for the Australian Embassy in Bangkok was that the land binds all. The ubiquity of the concept of ‘land’ defines the experience of living in Australia, whether in the agricultural, desert, coastal or urban realms. These are unique environments and are the conceptual foundations of the new Australian Embassy in Bangkok.

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The Work Space:
CSIRO Synergy

Synergy is a new centre for CSIRO on the Black Mountain campus in Canberra. The reinvention of the workplace is the central design tenet, merging a place of scientific research with the contemplative necessity of write-up and reflection. Further, the CSIRO aspired to a facility that will create an international image of a ‘place’ of scientific research that is unambiguously Australian within an international scientific milieu. Consequently, the building redefines scientific workplaces enterprise wide.

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The Work Space:
Gold Coast Suns Elite Training and Administration Facility

The Gold Coast Suns Elite Training and Administration Facility (GCS ETAF) in Carrara, Queensland provides a new home for a young Australian Football League (AFL) team within the context of the wider Gold Coast Sports Precinct. Behind the shimmering bronze volumes of the facade lie light and airy open-plan workspaces for coaching and administrative staff, shared meeting and recreational areas, as well as a series of training and change spaces for the players.

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The Learning Space & The Wellness Space:
Artemis, Melbourne Girls Grammar School

Melbourne Girls Grammar is an Early Childhood through to Year 12 school. In the school’s own words, “Melbourne Girls Grammar is a place where challenge and choice create opportunities for every student to discover who she is meant to be.” The school’s mission is ‘Empowering Tomorrow’s Women’. Such a range of ages, from the very young, through adolescent and young adulthood, requires the satisfaction of different needs and requirements from a wellness perspective. The Artemis project specifically promotes holistic physical, mental social and spiritual wellness across the entire student population, the school’s alumni and by extension the greater school community.

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Photography: John Gollings, Christopher Frederick Jones, Peter Bennetts