Collective Creativity: BVN commits to gender parity by 2025

Here at BVN, we’re committing to gender parity across all levels and areas of the studio by 2025.

Holistically, BVN is made up of 53% men and 47% women but there is work to be done in some areas of the studio where gender parity needs to be discussed. We are committed to addressing these imbalances.

We’re not starting from zero – we have a richly diverse studio; that richness comes from varying perspectives, culture and education. ‘Collective creativity to design a better future’ informs our ethos, and this pledge towards equality underpins the determination of the studio to guide our future.  

We’re proactively and strategically committed to gender parity and diversity at BVN by identifying and mentoring our team; strategically hiring to close the gender gap and implementing conscious initiatives to retain our senior team through utilising our flexibility policy to attract women and men, and ensuring equitable pay across all levels.

Our commitment will be transparent, and we’ll publish updates on our progress.

Regardless of gender, age, creed and culture, we are about people.

We are 100% human.