BVN Supports Equality and Diversity

At BVN, we believe in equality. It is more than a word for us. It is the principle that guides how we work with each other and our clients.

We also believe in diversity. We respect the many perspectives, talents and backgrounds of BVN team members, including diverse views about marriage equality. We support all of the people in the BVN community knowing that great ideas and innovation come from bringing people together.

Equality and diversity are part of our everyday.

This is why we believe it is crucial to recognise the right of our LGBTI colleagues, friends and clients to enjoy the same freedoms as other members of the community. And this is why we support the right of LGBTI people to live and work safe from discrimination and prejudice.

We know we are not alone. A recent study has shown that the majority of people in Australia believe same-sex couples should be allowed to marry. Globally, over 20 countries have legislated for same-sex marriage, including the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland.

We know that in order to attract the best people and to remain competitive, organisations across the globe need to create fair and respectful environments for all people. Marriage equality is part of this.

Let’s make equality a reality.

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