Wellness, Innovation and Leadership drive Dynamic Office Design

Frasers Property Australia (formerly known as Australand) has unveiled its new head office located in Australia’s premier suburban corporate campus: Rhodes Corporate Park in Sydney. The dynamic design is driven by a focus on wellness, innovation and leadership.



BVN, in conjunction with Frasers Property’s commercial division, led the $9.8 million fit-out comprising 3,700 sqm spread across two levels. The office fit-out is also one of the first in Australia (including the CBD) designed to target both 6 Star Green Star Interiors v1.1 (Green Building Council) and WELL certifications.

Ninotschka Titchkosky, Principal at BVN, noted, “Frasers Property is an organisation that is built on relationships both internally and with project partners. We needed to bring their workplace into alignment with the way they do business, which is relationships based.”


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Reini Otter, Frasers Executive General Manager Commercial & Industrial, said, “As one of Australia’s major diversified property companies it was important for us to showcase leadership in our new office design, which now reflects the corporate values and culture of our business as well as our future aspirations. At the core of Frasers Property’s business is innovation and people, reflected in the vision: real places for real people.

“BVN was invited to challenge the company’s thinking and drive the internal consultation process which guided the design,” said Reini.

According to Ninotschka, “Physically connecting all the business units and project partners through a significant new double storey ‘town hall’ space provides a central focus to the office.



This space allows new opportunities to emerge for the way Frasers Property can do business both formally and informally, but importantly in an authentic and transparent manner. The Cafe, The Lounge, The Steps, terrace, mobile trees, large scale projection and large meeting rooms with ‘garage doors’ are fundamental elements of this central space.”



“All aspects of the space are designed to encourage interaction,” said Ninotschka, “such as removing bulky built elements from around the core and replacing them with mobile tables, white boards and short throw projectors to reduce distance when circulating the floor, while still respecting the need for quiet work zones and booths that enable concentrated work.


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Also changing traditional planning of workstations on a grid to a different configuration creates different pathways through the space leading to serendipitous interaction.”

“The materials palette is based on natural materials such as FSC plywood, polished concrete, stripped back ceilings and white and colour details to reflect the authentic culture of Frasers Property and focus on sustainability and wellness. It is sophisticated in an understated way,” said Ninotschka.



According to Reini, “The design approach makes conscious use of passive design as part of a strategy to encourage movement – both for fitness and to promote unplanned conversations and collaboration. Fundamental to the design is the belief that the built environment can directly affect our health – making employee wellbeing a top priority,”

Reini contends that choice in how you work is a central philosophy in the design. “The design sits comfortably between activity based working and traditional office space. As a diversified property leader, we need the flexibility to be agile in how teams are formed based on the project and changing market dynamics.”

He added, “Flexible work spaces also promote innovation and evolution. The workplace is an enabler for team building, coaching and developing people. Teams need to be given autonomy and a platform needs to be provided for decision making and ownership.”



Reini concluded, “The suburbs have been neglected in terms of innovation in the workplace with a focus on the main CBD areas, however employers and workers are now starting to demand more. To remain an employer of choice and attract the best talent, companies need to offer workplaces that offer choice, flexibility, technology and atmosphere.”

Located at 1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes Corporate Park – covering 90,000 sqm – has been developed by Frasers Property in stages over the past 15 years.  The park has become a close-knit community supported by high- quality amenities including childcare facilities, a pool, gym, extensive landscaping and direct access to a sub-regional shopping centre and rail line.


For more details on the design, features and initiatives of the project click here.



Stella de Vulder