Health Minister announces the redevelopment of the Prince of Wales Hospital


Patient well-being is at the heart of the $720 million redevelopment of the Prince of Wales Hospital in Randwick that was announced by Health Minister the Hon Brad Hazzard yesterday.

According to Julian Ashton, Principal of BVN who is leading the design team this large acute services building has been designed by applying the latest research into hospital facilities and its contribution to patient experience and recovery times.

“Central to this research is the access to daylight and views and the Randwick campus design maximises access to daylight by siting two narrow buildings around a landscaped courtyard, that contains the main entry to the hospital.  And included in the courtyard is a lightwell that goes down to the emergency rooms bringing daylight underground,” said Julian Ashton.

BVN are deeply committed to improving hospital design not only to make sure the building contributes to patient recovery, but also to ensure the best possible working conditions for the hundreds of medical and administrative staff.

Julian explains: “Doctors, nurses and the multitude of support staff are often working under highly stressful conditions and everything that can be done to improve their physical surroundings can help reduce that stress.”

Another highly critical element of hospital design is way-finding and reducing the amount of walking staff, patients and visitors must do inside what is a very large building.

Julian Ashton pointed out that BVN is just completing the new Northern Beaches Hospital and has a portfolio of significant hospitals and therefore experienced hospital designers who are constantly studying the latest research from around the world on how to improve patient and doctor experience through the built form.